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A destination

Twisted Lemon Restaurant & Boutique Inn is a hidden gem, attracting a faithful following of 'flavour junkies' and experienced diners from far and wide. Twisted Lemon celebrated its 13th anniversary in the summer of 2022. The restaurant and inn features a lively open-concept kitchen with tasteful modern decor, boutique accommodations and a seasonal outdoor patio.

Chef Dan’s menu is well thought out in its design. Careful consideration is put into each dish, intended to illuminate all of the senses and offer depth and balance in flavour with photo worthy presentation. Laurie is equally creative with her mixology offering classic flavours with seasonal inspiration and her very own trade marked line of shelf stable Clarity Unruffled Cocktails.


Laurie and Chef Dan Megna have decades of knowledge and experience in food and beverage, service and dining. Their mantra, at the core of Twisted Lemon, is that "fine dining is about great food and great service, and is an experience all should enjoy."

Their concept to "redefine dining” brought pieces of the industry they love into Twisted Lemon's positive philosophy. It also brought them over a decade of accolades and awards, making them one of the top destinations for upscale and relaxed dining in Southern Ontario.

clarity unruffled cocktails

Ready-to-enjoy, shelf stable, complex cocktails made in-house at Twisted Lemon. Each unique creation shares one thing in common. They are clear. With the solids removed, you are left with a shelf-stable cocktail with layers of flavour and alcohol, of course! Each recipe is either an original creation, or based on a classic. They are made with precision, using top quality bar spirits. Bright citrus notes are achieved with essential oils from peel infusions and syrups, while more complex and warm notes are brought out with spices, teas and bitters.

culinary adventures await


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