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A Culinary Destination Where Surprise is on More Than the Menu

Step into the enchanting world of Twisted Lemon Restaurant & Boutique Inn, our clandestine culinary retreat that has been weaving together the art and alchemy of dining for more than 14 years.

Tucked away in the heart of Southern Ontario, our destination restaurant beckons to 'flavour junkies' and seasoned diners alike, promising a vibrant and unforgettable experience that is sure to surprise and delight.

Our open-concept kitchen invites you into the realm of our culinary wizardry, where the magic happens. The stylish, yet inviting, atmosphere of both our restaurant and boutique accommodations envelops you in instant comfort, while our seasonal outdoor patio seamlessly extends this home away from home into the embrace of the great outdoors.

Nature’s bounty winds its way back inside through our garden-to table approach. The Twisted Lemon Restaurant garden is lovingly curated and nurtured so we may offer our guests the epitome of freshness in every dish.


The Culinary Visionaries Behind Twisted Lemon

Meet the dynamic duo shaping the culinary narrative at Twisted Lemon, Cocktail Creatrix Laurie and Chef Dan Megna. With decades of mastery in the realms of food, beverage, and hospitality, this husband and wife team is committed to making fine dining an elevated, yet accessible experience all can enjoy.

Twisted Lemon stands as a testament to their dedication, amassing accolades that position it as a premier destination in Southern Ontario for both upscale and relaxed dining experiences.


Laurie and Dan, whose journey is woven with a shared commitment to redefine the very essence of dining, love nothing more for their guests to join them on their culinary odyssey. Adorned with accolades and awards, Twisted Lemon emerges as the pinnacle destination for those in pursuit of upscale, yet relaxed dining in the heart of Southern Ontario.

Beyond the fanfare, Twisted Lemon is a family affair, with Laurie and Dan not just partners in business, but life. Their familial bond extends to the entire restaurant, transforming it into a welcoming haven where every guest is embraced as part of the Twisted Lemon family.

Join us on this voyage, where passion intertwines with innovation, and every culinary creation is a testament to a love story written in flavours.

clarity unruffled cocktails

Sip & Savour Something New

Introducing Clarity Unruffled Cocktails – our signature line of ready-to-enjoy, shelf-stable libations crafted in-house. Each creation, whether an original masterpiece or a twist on a classic, is meticulously prepared with top-quality spirits. The hallmark of our cocktails lies in their clarity, achieved by removing solids. Explore layers of flavour, from bright citrus notes to warm, complex undertones, all curated with precision and passion.


Zero Waste, Maximum Flavour

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond the glass. We take pride in our commitment to the smallest possible footprint. From eco-friendly products to sustainable packaging, we've bid farewell to straws, picks, and plastic bags. We've also minimized ingredient waste to as close to zero as possible. The creative reimagining of cocktail by-products in our kitchen brings forth flavour-full delights, from ice creams to cheesecakes and savoury delights. Every sip contributes to a greener, more flavourful future.

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